Keep the culture alive

Hill Tribes Museum, Chiang Rai, Thailand

This insightful museum in downtown Chiang Rai gives a great overview of the diverse cultures who inhabit the northern mountains of Thailand. These groups (including the Hmong, Karen, Akha, Lisu, Mien and Lahu) have migrated south from China, Laos and Myanmar. A slide show and artifacts introduce the traditional dress, jewelry, crafts, and spiritual beliefs of these people.

Comparing traditional dress of the hill tribe people of northern Thailand.

The visit to the museum and our homestay in an Akha village in the hills the following day, brought up many discussions about migration and sustainably:

  1. What are some of the reasons these groups migrated into Thailand?
  2. How is their lifestyle different from ours?
  3. What are challenges they face balancing their culture and traditions with the modern world?