Beachcombing and sand study

Ao Manau, Gulf of Thailand

The first time exploring the tideline in a new part of the world is always exciting. Our first Thai beach was 4 hours by train south of Bangkok – the lovely Ao Manao near Prachuam Khiri Kahn. Whelks and cone shells decorated the shore. Delicate spiral shells inspired stringing bracelets with needle and thread. We found a jelly and a couple of fish washed up.

Exploring the beach with an observant eye inspired speculation and discussion about the sand and the underwater landscape:

Never bored when there’s a beach to explore.
  1. What is the sand like (color, texture)? How is it different from sand at another beach you know?
  2. What do you think is the origin of the sand (ex. lava, riverbed eroding, coral reef, sandstone)?
  3. From looking at the critters along the tideline, what is the underwater landscape (i.e. rocky, sandy, coral reef, etc.)?