Ondeck! Circumnavigating the globe

London, England

While exploring the southbank of the River Thames, we were delighted to come upon a reconstruction of Sir Francis Drake’s ship, The Golden Hinde, nestled in the tight alleys near London Bridge and Borough Market. The kids had fun playing hide-and-seek from the main deck to the gun deck to the hold, among thick cannons and wooden barrels, steep ladders and rigging. We identified the fo’c’sle and poop deck, and poked our heads into the captain’s quarters and great cabin where the officers would play chess, dice and cards. This reconstruction of the original ship (England’s first to circumnavigate the world) is a fantastic way to imagine life at sea in the 16th century and leads to great discussion about history and science of the time.

The Golden Hinde ship used to circumnavigate the globe
A reconstruction of The Golden Hinde warship captained by Sir Frances Drake
  1. What kinds of challenges did the crew face on their three year voyage to circumnavigate the globe?
  2. Which countries in Europe lead maritime exploration and how did this link to colonization?
  3. What were the most important items traded at this time (1600s) between the different continents?
The helm of Sir Francis Drake's ship, The Golden Hinde
An historic playground on the southbank River Thames in London

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