Family Travel Blog Series!

World Wise Kid is excited to participate in a series of posts with other seasoned family travel bloggers. Each week we will write about a topic giving insight and tips on:

  • Selecting A Destination
  • Saving Money On Transportation
  • Choosing Accommodations
  • Sightseeing And Activities
  • Packing Tips
  • Saving Money On Food While Traveling
  • Road Trip Tips
  • International Travel Tips
  • Making Memories With Your Family.

Meet our excellent network of moms –
each of us has a unique niche in the family travel world!

  • Regina is the initiator of our awesome travel blog series. She’s a worldschooling mother of five and travel writer at
  • Kirsty is a British family travel blogger currently living in sunny Malaysia. Her blog “World for a Girl” includes women’s history and global feminist issues.
  • Shannon is the creator and voice behind Grab My Passport offering practical tips, itineraries, travel budgeting hacks, and inspiration to traveling families.
  • Sarah is a positive parenting educator and wellness advocate who shares her adventures at
  • Kris is a fun-loving Australian on an international gap year with 4 kids, documenting every step at
  • Nikki is based in the UK, writing about days out and family-friendly holidays at Yorkshire Wonders.
  • Annette is a mother to 5 kids in Utah. She writes the blog Tips From a Typical Mom where she shares family-friendly recipes and activities, travel and parenting tips.
  • Tiffany travels with her 2 young sons and provides reviews, guidance, and helpful tips to traveling parents at
  • Yamy is the creator of writing articles from the perspective of traveling with young children and a terminally ill elderly member of the family.
  • Shannan – based out of Scotland – shares her digital homeschool resources and itineraries at “The World is your textbook!”
  • Melissa is the creator and lead author of Disabled Disney specializing in disability travel and navigating Disneyland.
  • Sarah is a full-time RV traveling mother of three that loves adventure and sharing off-the-beaten-path travel destinations at
  • And ME – Deb – at I am a California-based environmental educator, polyglot and mother of two adventurous kids writing our travel blog to inspire international understanding and perspective through educational discussions around the globe!

Check back each week for our insightful posts or Follow the blog to get updates. Merci!

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