Flavors of Thailand

On postcards sent to friends and family from Thailand, the most common phrase we write is “the food is amazing!” The tropical, fresh ingredients delight us every meal. Basil, mango, peanuts, chilis, cashews, fish sauce, lemongrass, ginger, egg, nutmeg, cumin, pineapple, rice and noodles in different combinations. Add fish sauce to make it salty, vinegar for sour, chili for spicy and sugar (the kids favorite) for extra sweetness, plus peanuts for crunch.

Mango sticky rice with coconut milk is a favorite!

Reflecting on our culinary experiences, our discussions have included:

  1. What are your favorite tastes from Thai cooking?
  2. What are the most basic ingredients of the Thai food we eat each day?
  3. How do these ingredients relate to the region and climate here in Southeast Asia?
Sweet, sour, and spicy –
you choose how to flavor your Thai meal.

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