Welcome to our educational travel blog!

We are excited to share our travels, explorations and learning with you. We hope this blog helps us connect with other traveling families and inspire global understanding.

Much of what we learn on our worldschool journey is through family discussion and dinnertime conversation. Each blog post contains a short description of our location, a photo and three open-ended questions that encourage contemplating, comparing, calculating, and speculating. Some topics may encourage online research or deeper connection through journaling.

The questions are not intended to have right or wrong answers. They are meant for all ages.

Search for posts by location (ex. Thailand, California) or by topic (ex. Buddhism, coral reef) or general places (ex. aquarium, museum, ocean).

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Check out the latest blog posts from Thailand on topics including Buddhism, migration, monarchy, coral reefs and local flavors!

We would love to hear if you have been to these places too and if these questions give you new insight into being a World Wise Kid!

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